LRIMO Ship No船名
8662531QI XIANG 5显示

LRIMO Ship No:8204731
船舶状态:In Service/Commission
Ship Status Effective Date:20080108
Alterations Descriptive Narrative:
Auxiliary Generators Descriptive Narrative:
Bale Capacity:42883
Bareboat Charter Company:
Bow Discharge Facility:
Bow Loading Facility:
Bunkers Descriptive Narrative:
Charterer Latest Reported:Transammon
Class Narrative:Bureau Veritas (2008-01-00)Survey Type: Date: 2008-01 BV: Special Survey Date: 2008-01-14 Class Notation: I Bulk carrier ESP Service Restriction: Unrestricted navigation
Construction Descriptive Narrative:Statcode5:A21A2BC; Hull Material:Steel; Hull Connections:Welded; Decks:1 dk; Bulbous bow
Consumption Speed 1:
Consumption Speed 2:
Crane SWL:40
Date Of Build:200801
DOC Company:Larus SA
Flag Effective Date:200801
Flag Name:Liberia
Fuel Consumption Total:0
Gas Capacity:0
Gear Descriptive Narrative:4 Cranes of 40 tonnes SWL
Grain Capacity:45620
Gross Tonnage:22115
Group Beneficial Owner:Larus SA
Holds Descriptive Narrative:7 Steel (Unspecified) Centre Or Only Dry Cargo Hold(s)
Hull Type:
Ice Capability Descriptive Narrative:
IMO Chemical Class I:
IMO Chemica lClass II:
IMO Chemical Class III:
Keel Laid Date:19830425
Launch Date:19831021
Liquid Capacity:0
Main Engine Builder:Yichang Marine Diesel Engine Co Ltd - China
Main Engine Model:5RT-flex58T
Main Engine RPM:105
Main Engine Type:Oil
Net Tonnage:13019
Newbuild Price:0
Number Of All Engines:1
Number Of Auxiliary Engines:
Numberof Cabins:0
Numberof Cargo Pumps:
Numberof Cars:
Numberof Decks:1
Number of Generators:
Number of Hatches:7
Numberof Holds:7
Numberof Main Engines:1
Number Of Propulsion Units:1
Number of Ramps:
Number of RORO Lanes:0
Number of RORO Ramps:
Number of Tanks:
Number of Thrusters:
Operator:Larus SA
Operator Company Code:1704970
Panama Canal Net Tonnage PCNT:0
PandI Club:London Steam-Ship Owners' Mut
Passenger Capacity:0
Passengers Berthed:0
Permanent Ballast Capacity:
Photo Present:真
Portof Registry:Monrovia
Portof Registry Code:4028
Propeller Type:Fixed Pitch
Ramp Location:
Ramp SWL:
Reefer Points:0
Registered Owner:Monford Management Ltd
Registered Owner Code:5343334
Sale Date:
Sale Price USD:
Segregated Ballast Capacity:0
Segregated Ballast Tanks:
Ship Manager:Larus SA
Ship Manager Company Code:1704970
Shipbuilder:Ivi Emaq Rio De Janeiro
Slop Tank Capacity:
Slop Tank Coatings:
Special Tanks Descriptive Narrative:
Shiptype Group:Bulk Carrier-Large Handy
Shiptype Level 5:Bulk Carrier
Standard Ship Design:
Stern Discharge Facility:
Stern Loading Facility:
Suez Canal Net Tonnage SCNT:0
Tank Coatings Narrative:
Tanks Descriptive Narrative:
Technical Manager:Larus SA
Temp Maximum:
Temp Minimum:
Thrusters Descriptive Narrative:
Total Horsepower of Auxiliary Generators:
Total Horsepower of Main Engines:14446
Total Horsepower of Main Generators:
Total Kilowatts of Main Engines:10625
Total Power Of Al lEngines:10625
Total Power Of Auxiliary Engines:
Width of RORO Lanes:0
Yard Number:312
Year Of Build:2008